Why should Vastu Shanti?

It's a popular saying by looking at a wedding, building a house. That is, these two things have unnatural importance in our lives. The word Vaastu is derived from Vaas. Vaas means lodging. Let's look at the Vastu Shastra case as to how the living room should be.
Vaastu means the word: -
Man needs three important things in life. Food for energy in life, safe home for clothes and habitat as per nature temperature. The house of the above three is an important need. Similarly, we should also think that the home we received should be beneficial.

We are working day and night in our daily life. Our common people have only one dream. And that is to be a house of yours. It is not always possible to dream of your house even after working day and night with debt etc. That dream has to be favored by the fortunes to become realistic. According to astrology studies, you see Vastu benefits from the fourth place in your horoscope.

The dream of our own home is actually realized after the advent of fortune and the planet. After that, there is no joy in the happiness that you get but the future is the same. Over time, however, this pleasure gradually decreases, and its place, however, takes hard work, sorrow, and disease.
So do you suspect that there is some flaw in your place? Is there some technical deity in this place? If we get somebody's perspective, do not we? After studying all these things, there is a difference of one thing that we have not made peace of ours. Then you come to us. We will remove it from the right place.
For your information, giving days of inauspicious (ominous) to Vastuashanti is giving. Let us take care when we are doing VaastuShanti. Month - Chaitra complete, Ashwin complete, and more month. Dates - Amavasya, Ketiyati, Empty Strike - Sunday, Tuesday. These days there are taboo for Vastu Shanti.

Shri Mahadev blessed Shree Vaishtha Devateas who would not create any new architectural Vaastu Shanti Vaastu Shanti, which will create this Vastu food and become a Vaastu Cemetery, and whoever does not give any kind of Nityayat, he also receives blessings from Vaastu. The names of the holy names of Vaastu Bhoomi are as follows

1: Bottom, 2: Vital, 3: flat, 4: tallet, 5: Rest, 6: Abyss, 7: The Pits

The Vatu Bhoomi in this Satlit Pataal is faulty, and when we create Vaastu on this ground, where does the iron come from, where are the bricks come from, the river comes from the river (by the river many dead people are immersed) To help build and construct Vaastu, many micro-organisms kill them T Vaastu Shanti Pujan is used to get rid of these faults

If any new home, flat, roahouse, shop or new or old architecture is owned by you, make Vastu peace. Once the Vastu Shanti is done, this Shrivastav God protects up to seven generations For this financially, we will create this Vaastu. However, before staying in the house, forgetting the rituals of Vastu Shanti or avoiding it comfortably. There are many reasons for this.

1) We will not be here forever. Look forward to a large house. 2) Here we are going to be both. The boy is abroad. If the girl will be swallowed. 3) What we want to do now is where the race is going to grow. 4) We are here temporarily 5) Aho is the house of Russell. They have done before. 6) We have taken us to the third floor, where is the need of Vastu Shanti? 7) Oh, the builder has given Vashuashanti while giving possession of the house.

There are many different reasons for this. As much as you care about coloring, interior, furniture for the building, the more vigilant you are, the more it is that you are relaxed and depressed about doing rituals. Therefore, without first doing it, first make a resolution of Vaastu Shanti, and after doing the right thing, make Vaastu Shanti right.

Vastu Shanti resolution =========== When I was making this place my first rituals were performed on this land. Whenever doing this, digging, cutting, cutting, burying, soaking, treading, carving, lessening, making the soil, as well as taking advantage of removing gold, silver, copper, copper, cucumber, bronze, iron and stone etc. from the ground Have been created

All the faults that have been committed will go away and I will always be happy in my new place, to fulfill the purpose of mind, to destroy the enemy and to get a long life for my family. I can get wealth, sons, grandchildren, glory and success benefits. I should be blessed with the blessings of Vastu Purusha, the Navagraa will be adaptable to me. So I'm home today. And as soon as Mr. Vastu Shanti is going to do it.
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