Some rules to be followed for worship

If you look into these things in the house, happiness and prosperity will never be destroyed 1. Which direction should your pooja be on your face?   If the face of a person worshiping in the house is on the west then it will be very auspicious. For this, the gate of the deity must be east. If this is not possible, auspicious may be received if the person's face is facing east while performing puja.

2. Sunlight to reach god home The house should be in god home where the sunlight will reach for some time from day to day. Due to the homes where sunlight and fresh air continue to flow, the houses are automatically destroyed. The sun's light destroys the negative energy in the environment and increases the positive energy.

3. These things should not be taken in the god home In the house where there is a deity, there should not be sandal-boot items made from leather. Do not photograph the dead and the ancestors of Goddess. South direction is right for the photo of ancestors. In the room of Goddess, keep things related to Pujya.

4. god home should not have bathroom or toilet -   Having a bathroom near the house in the house is considered inauspicious. Therefore, keep these doors away from such places. If there is a small room in Devasthan, then leave the space free for a few people who can sit there.

5. After the pooja, play a partial bell in the whole house   If there is deodar in the house then it is necessary to worship every morning and evening. Must have a bell when playing puja. It should also be done in the whole house. Doing this reduces negativity and increases positivity by hour of noise.

6. Special things related to the worshiping material -------------------------------------------------- Do not offer stale, dried full-leaf in worship. Use clean and fresh water.  One thing in this context is to note that Tulsi leaves and Ganga's water are never considered rocks. So they can be used anytime. Other content should be fresh If you have smoked a flower or if it is damaged, then you should not offer it to God.

7. Every night the screen should be kept on the door   Before sleeping in the night, cover the panels of God-room and cover them. As you do not like any interruption after sleeping, put a screen on the temple with the same feeling.

8. This is the remedy for dandruff   Whenever you get excited throughout the year, shake the goomut in the entire house. Sprinkling of sweet water prevents the purity and the environment becomes positive. Gumutra has a very impressive effect in the scriptures, and this is the special grace of divine power in this upliftment.

9. Do not keep the broken idols in the house   In the scriptures, the worship of idols (broken) idols is considered taboo. The fragmented idol should be removed from the temple and dissolved in a holy river. The disobedience of idols is considered inauspicious. In this context, special attention should be given to a poem that, Shivling is never considered to be interrupted at any stage.

10. What idols should be kept in the god home   There should not be a big idol in the god home 1) According to the scriptures, it should not be kept in the house of God, if Shivling is there, then it should be like the thigh. It is more beneficial to keep one Shivalinga in Godhra. There is more than one Shivalinga saying in the scriptures that there is a taboo in the Goddess.

2) The idols of other gods and goddesses should be of small size. Larger idols are best for the big temple, but small idols of the house are considered to be of great size.

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