Medicinal properties of jaggery and eating benefits

Previously, to increase the taste of the food, it is used more than sugar. Nuts are made from sugarcane, but jaggery is still more beneficial to health than sugar.

Nuts are not just food items or similar substitutes but also act as an ant toxin. Eating a cold helps to clean the skin by removing harmful toxin from the blood in your body.

If you eat after coming to bed, you can get relief from all types of jaundice. Milk and nuts are a strong solution for bone combined

Pipples problem is common. Pipples may be due to excessive oil-spice use or dust. If you ate a little bit of molasses everyday then this problem can be solved.

The roots contain iron. So if you consume it with morning and morning water, you may get rid of anemia.

Those people who have problems with partial syphilis, they get relief by eating nuts and pure ghee together. It is useful at this time.

If you are feeling very tired, then eating nuts can be more beneficial. If you feel tired, you will get relief if you take a few nuts with it.
 He also removes gas and gas related problems. After a meal, eat a little nuts, it was also good to digest and gas problems were also far away.
Although there is a lot of obstruction, gum can benefit. Antifungal in the gland contains allergic elements which can relieve asthma. It also controls temperature in the body.

If there is some troubles related to trust, it can also be beneficial to the throat. Eat as much as five gms of nuts with sarson oil, he will overcome problems related to the breath. Throat relief is also found on the sore bushes. If you sit in the throat then consume sugar with cooked rice.   Must use cholera for beautiful, long road and shiny hair. By vitamins and minerals

The net gives a nice glow on the skin and helps to eradicate all pimples, rashes and stains. A chemical-free and nutritious mouth is healthy. But if you have diabetes or other illness, consult a doctor
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