Chandan and benefits

Sandalwood English: Santalum album, Santalam album; English: Indian Sandalwood, Indian Sandalwood; It is a small tropical tree. Its trunk is aromatic and cold. Originally originated from the Indian subcontinent, it is now planted in Indian subcontinent, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and Northwestern Australia. It is an evergreen tree, its branches are slightly delicate, tilted down.

* Found in India * In Karnataka, Tamilnadu states, Chandan's trees are abundant. Many small-scale industries have been developed based on this tree in Mysore and many other places in Karnataka State. Its fragrant properties have been used for many centuries, its cultivation and business have been running.

But for this reason the wild varieties of this tree are at the threshold of extinction. Although large-scale wood is not available now, due to the use of furniture for woodwork, it is still widely cultivated for fragrant oil. * Description of the tree *
The candle tree grows about 15 to 20 meters tall. The leaves are face-to-face, long, thin, sharp. Threshing Branches have a small, odorless floral cluster. The sandalwood is hard and oily. The inner core of the dough is yellowish brown and it is very aromatic. As the sandalwood grows, its scent of oil increases as well.
* Usage *

It is a method of applying sandalwood in the body. Use it as medicine too. The people smell the sandalwood fragments made to the idol of God. Sandalwood Sandalwood seeds The fruit of the moonlight is the favorite food of the birds. Drying oil gets dried early from the candlestick. This oil is used to make insulation tapes and varnishes. Its pans are used as feeding and managulating and making pulp for agarbatta.

Like the trunk and the seeds, there is also a fraction of the oil in the sandal's roots. Sapylol containing chemicals that contain calcium oil, they get fragrance and medicinal properties. ---------------------------------------------- * Aesthetic beauty * ----------------------------------------------- 1. Brightens the skin If the skin is rubbed with sandalwood and almonds, then it shines the skin.
2. Make the skin soft
Sandalwood is a plant that has the advantage of softening. . If the massage of the face regularly on the face of moonlight, the skin becomes soft and the skin becomes soft.
3. Oily skin
In the sandalwood powder or granular sandalwood, mixing both the soil and gulabapani together with the two components, the oily skin changes. And it helps to maintain balance in the skin.
4. Skin blotting will remove bluriness Applying the mixture of honey, honey and cucumber together with the face of sandalwood powder or sandalwood, it helps to reduce the skin and blackness of the skin. 5. Relax from fur and witches Mixing sandalwood and turmeric together brings relief to murum and toes. 6. Creates coolness in the skin For the skin, the use of sand is used to produce cold stagnation

There is an unimportant significance of sandalwood in Hinduism. Chandan is considered sacred in all types of laws. Sandalwood is also used for pooja-text, Home-havan. Do you know, however, that your health also benefits you? : There is an unimportant significance of sandalwood in Hinduism. Chandan is considered sacred in all types of laws. Sandalwood is also used for pooja-text, Home-havan. Do you know, however, that your health also benefits you?

Scientific reasons for sandalwood ... There is a 'fire' chakra in the two eyebrows on the forehead. This place is called 'Third Eye'. Since this is an energy place, this place has a special significance in spirituality. That is why the practice of applying sandal paste on the forehead is also healthy.

Improve concentration The third eye is the center of concentration in the body. Applying a sandalpole on the forehead helps to stabilize the mind and increase the concentration. Cold-motion sandalwood helps in bringing peace to the body and over time.

Relax from headache According to the Chinese Acupressure, the space between the two eyebrows is considered to be a place for nerves in the body. Therefore, massage in this place will help you to get relief from headaches. Also, if there is no sandalwood in this place, it is possible to get relief quickly due to frustration of cold due to the formation of coldness.

The location of the third eye is the center of interaction and thought. Negative emotions in the body through negative thoughts come through this cycle. However, they are successful in preventing them due to the lack of sandalwood. Insomnia and stress and stress There is also a possibility of insomnia due to panic, strain or excessive exhaustion. According to Ayurveda, massage of sandalaya in this place on the forehead helps to reduce stress and to overcome the problem of insomnia..

The body creates coolness There is also the ability to cool down in the body as there is diminence in the sandalwood. This removes skin problems. Nothing gets cold even with the partner. Applying sandalwood on the forehead in tropical areas like India helps to cool your whole body.
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